Orthodox parish of Hamina

Hamina Orthodox Parish has about 1200 registered members, most of whom live in or near the city of Kouvola. Hamina Orthodox Parish is one of the eight parishes in the Orthodox Diocese of Helsinki, headed by the Most Rev. Metropolitan Ambrosius of Helsinki. Helsinki Orthodox Diocese is one of the three diocese of the Orthodox Church of Finland, whose hierarch is His Eminence Archbishop Leo of Karelia and All Finland. The Orthodox Church of Finland is an autonomous church under the jurisdiction of the Ecumenical Patriarchate.

The Rector of Hamina Orthodox Parish is Fr. Ville Kiiveri. The parish is also served by few other priests, cantors and church workers. The administrative office of the parish is located in the city of Kouvola (Varuskuntakatu 14, Kouvola). The office is open from Wednesday to Friday, 10-14 o’clock.

Divine Services are regularly celebrated in Hamina (Raatihuoneentori 2, Hamina) and Kouvola (Kirkonmäenkatu 2, Kouvola). On Saturdays vigil at 17 o’clock, and on Sundays divine liturgy at 10 o’clock. Divine Services are also held at chapel of Myllykoski (Koulukatu 4, Kouvola) and Cemetery church of Hamina (Hirveläntie 22, Hamina). 

All residents and visitors are welcome to participate in the life of the parish. Divine Services are mainly conducted in Finnish and Church Slavonic and other languages are also used on a regular basis. The Holy Communion is reserved only for those who are baptized and chrismated Orthodox Christians who have prepared to reveice the Holy Gifts. Non-orthodox visitors are welcome to participate in the worship in the presence of Triune God, for example, by lighting candles, kissing holy icons and the Honored and Life-Giving Cross.

Chapel of the Mother of God in Myllykoski, Kouvola 

Address: Koulutie 4, Myllykoski/Kouvola



f. Ville Kiiveri                                                
040 962 0063                                                   


Kari Päivinen 

040 866 7686



Jaana Juka
040 486 5550                     


Cemetery Church of the Mother of God

Joy of All Who Sorrow, Hamina

Address: Hirveläntie 22, Hamina​